Hello friend!  

You are so welcome to my webshop,
My name is Evelina Viola & I'm living in Stockholm, Sweden.
Some very important info:

Musik makes me cry, I can listen to the same song over & over again
I get overwhelmed in the woods
I love coffee
I have two kids
Too many sounds at the same time make me really stressed
I love bass & soft synth sounds
I eat most of my meals in the bathtub
I can't watch tv-shows when terrible things happen to children
I play in a band called Wintergatan
I have ADHD
I run my business full time. It's chaos but also absolutely amazing

I create every day, when I'm awake & when I sleep. I have to.
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Ask me if you want to know more & please,
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Thank you for being here! It means the world.

/Evelina Viola