Evelina Viola

Summer mug Enamel (8cm)

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Summer mug

For coffee or strawberries or whatever.

I can promise you,

your summer will be perfect if you have this mug in your bag wherever you go.

Printed on white enamelled sheet metal of the highest quality in Sweden.

The black edge is painted by hand and each print is burned in by hand for the best durability in terms of product and environment.

Enamel mugs last a long time, maybe forever! BUT if they get hit, they can lose enamel. However, you can still use the mug. Enamel mugs are not unbreakable but the plate under the enamel is really durable so holes in the mug are very unusual. I do not accept complaints about discarded enamel, as this is completely normal if you happen to drop the mug.