Evelina Viola

Two things I recommend you to try out in the bathtub.

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1: Eat your lunch.

The best place in my opinion. Why not all meals? But then you dry out and the environment goes to waste.

2: This is also an eating thing.

But the point is to get the best sound. Eat crispbread, carrots or chips. Something that sounds crunchy in the head. It is important to have the tap running. So you do this when you fill up the bath and have sat down. You must not lie down because then you can put in the throat. But the sound that forms in the head is one of my favorite sounds. Sounds like footsteps in gravel. Or in really hard snow.

So, these are my top tips for having a really meaningful life.

You have no bathtub or you hate to take a bath? Then you can chew on something hard while washing dishes or pouring up a glass of water. Same sound. But unfortunately you have to stand up.

Ok, have a weekend!