Evelina Viola

Mixed feelings

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I want to talk about my mixed feelings about the selling part of my job.

You who have followed me for a while know that in the beginning I kept saying that I wanted to give away my stuff rather than selling it. That I hated money (which I still do) and that I had a hard time valuing my art.

But that has changed. It has changed in the way that I have started doing this full time, so I need the money. It has also changed in the way that I myself have begun to see my art in a different way. That it's my diary. That it follows my emotional fluctuations and mood. That it follows the seasons. That it means something. For me. And also for those who buy, I hope. And you do not sell things that mean anything for free. You might give it as a gift for your grandma sometimes.

But I still think it's difficult. To sell, because I hate commerce. To sell without feeling that I’m nagging and forcing. To sell, even though I’m sometimes unsure of my product. Am I the only one who likes it? Why would anyone want to buy a page from my diary.

Well, you see.

But I'm so grateful you buy from me. That’s what allows me to continue writing in my book. And during the market weekend 23-25 April, there will be some new prints here in the webshop that are only available here this weekend. But also lots of new things! Hope you like them.

And thank you for reading.


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