Evelina Viola

It will be ok

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Today is Friday. Outside my window the sun is shining. At least a little.

I hope you can see the sun also. (If you like sunlight)

I'm releasing three new prints today!

The first ten buyers get a 15% discount with different codes that I list here.

Poppy: "Poppy"

Flowers: "Flowers"

It will be ok: "It will be ok"

Now I also want to do a test. If you have gone in and read the blog, go back to my instagram and comment on a post (anyone) with the word "Giraffe", then I see that you have been here.I can’t have the comment function here in the blog because it is too expensive for me right now. Lol. Have you thought about how sick it is. Everything in this fucking world costs money. But not the sun. It's free.

Have a nice weekend! Thank you for your support.


/ Evelina