Evelina Viola


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I was thinking of something the other day when I was painting cows.

I thought, I hope my followers don’t follow me because they want to learn something technical about watercolor or other media. Because I know nothing about it. I just do. Then I thought, but what are you thinking Evelina? You do what you do. That's why they follow you.

Then I thought, should I write a blog? Maybe I should. So now I do.

What I want to say with this post is:

Do what you want. How you want. Show it if you want. Keep it to yourself if you want. Learn slowly if you want to. Learn fast if you want to. Everything is OK.

For me, my creation is about my feelings. Even when I paint cows. I usually start with the eyes, because I want them to see. So we can talk a little while I finish the painting. My brushstrokes go in the wrong direction (according to the watercolor teachers), I spill all the time, most things do not turn out the way I want. But it's ok. Because I have to paint the cows.

Welcome in to this room.

I will probably write in both English and Swedish. Do you have anything special that you would like me to write about? Send me DM on my Instagram.